mousefest: day 1

i’m very tired, as predicted. i will post more content but for now, i’ll shoot out some photos!

2007 12060008

2007 12060010

dr. scopa lays it out

2007 12060022

dan!, kathy jo, angel, eric and me

2007 12060023

the boys – angel, eric and newell

2007 12060041

mouseguest ma having a pirates moment

dole whip meet – very well attended!

2007 12060027

2007 12060034

2007 12060031

2007 12060033

2007 12060037

2007 12060040

then pirates!

2007 12060044

2007 12060045


4 Responses to “mousefest: day 1”

  1. !!!

  2. […] have time to squeeze in a quick DIS meet before things get hopping! After all, this morning I saw BFF Lisa’s pictures from MouseFest Day One, so I needed a little get-together of my own. So, Pal Mickey and I got into the office a bit early […]

  3. AAAAAHHHHHHH! The Jealousy, it is seeping out of my pores! It is currently 28 degrees, snowing, with a wind chill of 19 degrees. I am 1,200 miles away and the closest I’ll come to a magical moment will be when my cell phone goes off, my ringtone being “Someday my prince will come”. But I digress. I’m glad you’re having a good time, the photos look awesome, I really hope I can be there next year!

  4. Lisa! Loving the blog and the pic’s – can I get a copy of the one from Mousefest 101? All 5 of us?

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