i can’t sleep


so, i was asleep for a while and now, at 130am, i woke up and am tossing and turning. i don’t have to get up until about 5ish if i want to shower, shampoo and shine, walk mags and be off to the airport with time to spare. now, instead, i lie here, with a head ache, one burning eye, and the sinking suspicion that i will not be looking fabulous tomorrow at his rate.

in any event, here some t-shirts i have craftified for the trip. as wardrobe changes are an integral part of my trip as well, i want to be sure to get my handiwork out there. also, on a side note, 2 of my schwag t’s for the unofficial meet sunday, didn’t arrive before departure, so, assuming more that one extra girl shows up, i’ll have to mail them out upon my return home.2007_11210006.jpg


fabulous TDC’s logo, courtesy of dan!



2 Responses to “i can’t sleep”

  1. cool stuff!

  2. sambycat Says:

    they’re all off either zazzle or printfection. dan drew up our fabulous logo, of course! after seeing the barrage of t-shirts in person, i just KNOW the public will demand access to TDC’s merchandise! he he!

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